The Pros and Cons of an Invisible Dog Fence

Man training a small dog with a leash

Installing invisible dog fence is an ideal way of keeping your pet safe and secure. Pet owners living in communities and neighborhoods most likely prefer this option as an alternative of constructing fences. However, it is essential to know the pros and cons that come along with the installation of wireless fences. You can also have this fence professionally installed, check out invisible fence company.

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  • Installing a wireless or in ground pet containment system is very cost-effective as compared to constructing physical fence. Likewise, it is easier to maintain as there is no need to nail down boards or patch up holes.
  • Burying the wires under the ground can prevent the possibility of rising complaints from neighbors because there is no physical electronic dog doors that is visible.
  • You can also adjust the area in which your dog can roam around. Easy adjustment is possible if you will install the in ground dog fence. However, for a
    wireless pet containment system you can adjust the controller according to the area that you want.
  • The correction shocks applied into your dog can also be adjusted through the switch built in the collar. This way can also prevent burn injuries and dog pain caused by the collar.

Disadvantage of Invisible Dog Fence

  • Using invisible dog fence can be challenging if the dog is not trained to stay in a containment area. That is why before deciding to use this option, it is necessary to ensure that your pet is well trained.
  • There is a tendency that your pet may cross over the invisible barrier by jumping vertically wherein no shocks are apparent.
  • The invisible dog fence can only keep the dogs inside the safe zone but not the animals outside. Likewise, it cannot protect your dog from thieves, and it will not work if you are living in an area nearby forests.
  • It may also cause your dog to be afraid of going back into the safe zone due to the possibility of getting shocked.
  • You can also try a DIY dog fence systems

Watch this Great Invisible Fence Training Video

Moreover, if you are planning to install invisible dog fence, as much as possible you should put a sign. In this way, untoward incidents can be prevented especially if you have children around. In the same manner, it is also important to ensure that the in the ground wire system will not be dig up and damage otherwise it will not function properly and worse may cause danger to your pet as well as the people around. This requires responsible decision or your pet. One of our favorite invisible fencing review sites isĀ