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How Do Dogs Positively Impact the Mental Health of Humans?

Humans have way back understood the fact that dogs are very helpful in different ways. Dogs also play an important role in achieving important goals in life. The qualities like love, support, and companionship from the dog have made them earn the top spot as a man’s best friend. Several pet owners have stated that caring for the pet gives immense joy and simple happiness beyond words and unspoken.

Whether it is getting paw-five or opening the door to a wagging tail, the pure form of love that is completely unconditional that we get from dogs have a deep impact on our overall health and mental wellbeing. This post talks about some useful ways dogs positively impact humans’ mental health.

Dogs Increase Social Interaction

When you own a dog, you are accountable for his/her outdoor adventures. The best thing is that dogs are incredible socialisers. Their kind of sociality helps us connect and talk with other dog owners in our community. Dogs also spark conversation with strangers, which is a very hard thing to do for many and has never been so easy.

The feeling of being connected plays an important role in the overall mental wellbeing of humans. It is important to understand humans are social creatures, and they always thrive on social interactions at regular intervals of time. When you spend time walking with the dog, you promote the art of mindfulness.

Dogs Minimize Stress and Anxiety

It was revealed in a study report conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) children having pet dogs in the household are more likely to test positive on a screening test when it comes to anxiety. In another study report, it was stated that children spending more and more time with pet dogs have amazingly lower levels of ‘stress hormone’ cortisol.

Dogs are Real Stress Buster

Many people won’t believe this, but now it has been backed by the science that dogs can offer great comfort and ease all the worries. It has been revealed in several studies that dogs have been very effective in alleviating stress as well as anxiety. Even when you pet a dog, it lowers blood pressure, slows down breathing heart rates, and relaxes the tension between the muscles.

Scientists from Washington State University have found that 10 minutes of petting your dog considerably impacts the human body. All the participants in the study have demonstrated a major fall in the level of cortisol, which we all know is a major stress hormone.

Dogs Make You Feel You

Another best thing about owning a pet is that you get the feeling of being yourself. The love, affection, and care you show to your pet gets equally respected in different ways. This feeling gives great satisfaction and lets you feel that you also exist and there’s someone in awe of you. This feeling, in particular, is extremely helpful for all those people suffering from depression, getting suicidal tendencies and many other disorders.

 When you care for your dog, it can be feeding the best food, making shelter, or installing an underground electric dog fence, which gives you the satisfaction that one cannot explain it in words and can only be felt.

Dogs Don’t Make You Feel Alone

There’s a strong reason why people consider dogs to be the biggest friend of humans. When you have no one, you will have your pet around. They offer an extreme amount of unconditional love, constant cuddles, emotional support, and many others that help curb social isolation.

In a study report, ownership of a dog eliminates the fear of loneliness, which has become very common these days. In a Human Animal Bond Research Institute survey, more than 85% of pet owners feel that their interaction with the pet eliminates loneliness. Most of them have even agreed to the fact that human-pet interactions also help in addressing social isolation.

It is seen that dogs tend to offer unconditional love and support to their owners, especially during a crisis. The more time you spend with your canine friend, the better impact you will have on your overall health. Please feel free to share your own experiences of spending time with your furry friend and how it affects your overall and mental health. You can also share your insights regarding the post below in the comment section.