Climbing, Climbing Everywhere!

I’ve been crazy busy with writing lately, and almost all of it has had to do with climbing. Besides the stuff I’ve been writing for Matador, I’ve recently started blogging for Outside Magazine. I started off with a pair of (I thought) really cool interviews.

The first was one with Royal Robbins, who did the FA’s of a whole bunch of classic routes in Yosemite, including Half Dome’s regular northwest face and the Salathe wall. The second was an email interview I did with Paul Robinson, who’s been tearing it up in South Africa. I’ve met Paul before, and I always enjoy hearing about what he’s got going on, even if it’s by email.

Outside of writing about climbing I’ve been… well, climbing. Did my first trad lead up at Devil’s Lake last week. It went well, mostly because I managed not to fall.

More super cool stuff should be going up at Sports this week. I’m also super-psyched about our new Radar feature at Matador. It’ll let us get out timely news blasts faster. I think it should free me from my desk a little bit – without having to upload photos, I’ll be that much more able to post by smartphone.